Oxygen Plant

Oxygen plants are used for generating oxygen for industrial applications. We specialize in manufacturing and fabricating the industrial and medical gas plants that function at a low pressure process of 6 to 8 bar using the advanced air compressors. Our oxygen gas manufacturing plants are known to produce oxygen and nitrogen having bone dry quality with purity up to 99.7 & and 99.99% respectively, which is considered excellent for medical as well as industrial applications. We manufacture and fabricate oxygen plants of all sizes ranging from 50m³/hour to 50,000m³/hour. High quality raw materials are used in the fabricating of the plants. Our in-house R & D unit is equipped with latest manufacturing processes that help our highly skilled work force manufacture oxygen producing machinery that is globally competitive in terms of prices and quality.

Our oxygen plants are manufactured and fabricated at our production units in India. The plants are building in compliance with international standards and are exported all over the globe. Being manufactured with the advanced technology, the plants are at par with the best in the world not to talk of the unbeatable prices. Our oxygen generating plant is reputed for delivering high quality performance and requires low power consumption and maintenance. Seeing the quality of our machinery, the top quality assurance companies have given certifications such as ISO 9001:2008 and CE. CE mark on the machinery is a stamp of assured quality. The plants are thoroughly checked before being cleared for delivery to the clients. We also offer commissioning, erection and installation services.

 Application of Oxygen in Industry

  • Steel industry
  • Health industry
  • Metal production industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • Metal & mining industry
  • Pharmaceutical & biotechnology
  • Aviation industry
  • Glass & ceramics industry

Our Technology

Oxygen plants manufactured at our factory and supplied all over the world are technologically very advanced, high performing and reliable. Apart from the international technology and design and their frequent updation, We purchase high quality raw materials and equipment. The Oxygen machinery and equipment come in different capacities to meet the requirement of everyone and generate high purity oxygen and nitrogen, which meet the requirement of different medical and industrial applications.